We've covered the Worst Small Towns in Arizona, the Rudest Town in Arizona, and the Worst Places to Live in Arizona.  Some of the same factors are used to determine which cities are the best and worst of us.

Location, Location, Location

Since so many people relocate to Arizona to retire, it seems like this would be a pretty calm and chill state to live in. If you've got the means to live the golf course life - without worrying about hot to make ends meet, then you're probably not a stressed out as the rest of us.

The most stressed out city in Arizona came in number 4 in the US. // Canva
The most stressed-out city in Arizona came in number 4 in the US. // Canva

While some places in Arizona may offer a pretty carefree lifestyle, the data show some of the factors depend on where you live in Arizona.

Stress is Everywhere

Even on the golf course, I imagine there are good days and bad days. With the pace of life in this age, stress is everywhere. If you've got kids and a family, getting everyone to ball practice and activities, the daily stress of work, bills, taxes, basic car and home maintenance - it all adds up.

This city works and astonishing number of hours. // Canva
This city works and astonishing number of hours. // Canva

Where you live, your level of income, length of commute, many of these stressors can be measured, and they may determine your level of stress overall.

Calculating the Most Stressed-Out City in Arizona

Zippia.com recently looked at several factors that cause stress in a population and developed a formula to calculate the most stressed cities in the nation.

Unemployment is high. // Canva
Unemployment is high. // Canva

This is how they did it. They started with the most recent US Census Data for 2013 to 2017, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data. Zippia boiled it down to this criteria:

  • Level of Unemployment
  • Number of Hours Worked
  • Commute Times
  • Income-To-Home-Price Ratio
  • Percent of Uninsured Population

The higher a city ranks in any of these areas, the more stressed the city is.

This Arizona City Has the Highest Stress Level

There's nothing in the criteria to suggest that the overall population of a city - either on the high or the low side - is an overall stressor. They don't mention the stress of dealing with traffic, or the lack resources.

San Luis is near Yuma and the Southern Border with Mexico. // Google Maps
San Luis is near Yuma and the Southern Border with Mexico. // Google Maps

The Arizona city that met the survey's criteria is not only the most stressed in the state, it came in at the number four spot for most stressed in the nation. 

The winner - or loser - for most stressed city in the state is San Luis, Arizona. Here are the most stressed cities in America:

Top 5 Most Stressed Cities in America

  1. Mead Valley, California
  2. Asbury Park, New Jersey
  3. Lantana, Florida
  4. San Luis, Arizona
  5. Nacogdoches, Texas

 San Luis, Arizona

Here's how San Luis rated the MOST stressed city in Arizona:

Hours Worked: 51
Commute: 14.8
Income-to-Home-Price Ratio: 13.58%

San Luis, Arizona, came in as the most stressed city in Arizona and the fourth most stressed city in the United States. The average commute is only 14.8 minutes, but that may be the only bright spot in this data set.

The most astonishing number is that workers in San Luis devote 51 hours to work each week.

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