It's hard to read the headlines these days. Doom and gloom lurks everywhere lately, from the pandemic and international wars to nervousness about the changing environment, and anxiety over the election.

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Whether it's international, national, or local, Arizona has a lot of anxiety on its collective mind. Here are some of the top worries plaguing us these days.

9 of the Top Things Arizona is Worried About this Year

What are the top worries plaguing us in Arizona this year? Here are the top things we're worried about.

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Protect Your Home, Arizona: 10 Things Thieves Don't Want You to Know

Thieves are looking for an easy target. Do you know the best way to protect your home?

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Beware! The #1 Cause of Death in Arizona Revealed

Here are the top 10 leading causes of death in Arizona, according to the CDC.

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