✔ Historically conservative, mass migration from blue states is changing the political landscape of Arizona.
✔ List of states people are moving to most.
✔ Don't like the policies in your state? Change them where you live. Don't relocate.

Leaving the Blue States Behind

As we roll into an election year, people from the states around Arizona might consider moving to Arizona.


Whether they're unhappy with the politics, regulations, high taxes, or mismanagement of their home state, many people living in left-leaning have begun to make a switch. As Arizona has turned more purple than red, citizens from liberal locales, have begun a mass relocation.

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The Top 10 States Where People Are Relocating

According to U-Haul, here are the Top 10 States people are relocating to this year:

  1. Texas
  2. Florida
  3. North Carolina
  4. South Carolina
  5. Tennessee
  6. Idaho
  7. Washington
  8. Arizona
  9. Colorado
  10. Virginia

Where is Arizona? Red vs. Blue States

Historically, Arizona has been a red state, voting more politically conservative than surrounding states like California and New Mexico.

Over the last few years, with more Californians and other blue-staters migrating to urban areas like the Phoenix Metro area and Tucson, Arizona has turned more purple, politically speaking.

According to GKGigs.com, Arizona is listed as a blue state, probably because there isn't a column for the purple (mix of red and blue) slowly seeping into Arizona politics.


Keeping Arizona Politically Center

It's always been a mystery why people flee a state, especially when they're mad at the results of politically motivated policies.

I still have a few friends who live in California and Washington states. They wring their hands at the rising cost of housing. They lament the cost of gasoline and despair at the price of groceries.

Rather than vote out the politicians creating the bad policies that lead to higher prices, they flee the state, only to settle somewhere like Arizona. And they begin voting for the bad policies they left behind.

Tell Blue State Refugees Arizona is Closed

It's time to stop talking up Arizona. When our blue-state friends complain about the bad policies in their respective states, just agree with them and offer your condolences.


Whatever you do, don't brag about how much better things are in Arizona. It just encourages them to move here and start the madness all over again. Tell them Arizona is closed!


Californians Moving to Arizona are in For a Rude Awakening

Things are different in Arizona. If you're transplanting from California, there are some things you'll need to get used to.

Gallery Credit: Val Davidson

Fleeing Arizona? Here are the Top 10 States People from Arizona are Moving to Most

You might be looking for a cooler climate with four seasons. Perhaps you want to live closer to your friends and family. Or maybe you're in the middle of a big life change and ready for something different.

No matter the reason, people just like you are fleeing Arizona, and their reasons are as varied as the number of cactus we have in the Grand Canyon State.

According to the US Census Bureau, Here are the top 10 states that people fleeing Arizona are moving to.

Gallery Credit: Val Davidson

11 Things We Love and Hate About Living in Arizona

There's a lot to love about living in Arizona. People around the world have relocated here for the weather, the beauty, and the history.

There are also some things about living in The 'Zone that aren't so great. We held an informal poll and asked what you LOVE and what you HATE about living in Arizona.

Gallery Credit: Val Davidson/TSM

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