Despite Arizona having a diverse population of wildlife, there are some animals that you may have a hard time seeing if seeing them at all.

The varied habitat of Arizona is perfect for the vast amount of animal species to exist. While some of the areas are harsh, and can only support specialized species. There are other locations ideal for other groups.

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What's the Main Cause in Arizona for the Rairty of These Species?

Like most of the United States, urbanization threatens the livelihood of Arizona's wildlife.

Some of these species have been overhunted, or killed just because they were thought to be a threat to the area's human population.

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The majority of the threatened wildlife in Arizona, and the rest of the United States, are seeing great conservation to bring their population back from the brink of extinction.


Is There Anything I Can Do to Help Protect Arizona's Threatened Wildlife

Of course. You can educate yourself on wildlife conservation and/or join a conversation group.

While you're out exploring Arizona's nature areas, be sure to pick up after yourself, don't bother wildlife --take a photo, but don't approach-- and be sure to hold your fellow nature lovers accountable.

Scroll through some of the hard-to-see wildlife in Arizona below:

Extremely Rare or Impossible to See Animals in Arizona

Arizona is home to a diverse range of wildlife. These animals are considered endangered, while some are believed to be extinct in the state.

Gallery Credit: Tim Gray

Venomous Animals in Arizona You Definitely Want to Steer Clear

These are venomous creatures in Arizona that can inflect excruciating pain, blister, and possibly death.

Gallery Credit: Tim Gray

Arizona: The Hummingbird Capital of the World

If you love hummingbirds, there's no better place to see them than in this little town in Arizona! Sierra Vista has more than anywhere in the world, which is why it claims the title of "Hummingbird Capital of the World"!

Gallery Credit: Val Davidson/TSM

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