Many things in Arizona can kill you. The heat. An angry neighbor. Crazy drivers. Definitely one of the venomous creatures that call our great state its home.

Arizona is home to some crazy deadly creatures like snakes, cougars, bears, and a bug that kisses you (?!). The desert is home to some weird creatures.

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What are the Most Prevalent Venomous Creatures in Arizona?

That would have to be snakes.

The United States is home to over 30 different species of venomous snakes. 23 are rattlesnakes.

Arizona is home to 14 kinds of those snakes and 13 are rattlesnakes.

What Are the Other Arizona Creatures That Are Venomous?

Remember the bug that kisses you? Yeah, that's the kissing bug that can infect you with a nasty disease. How about the tarantula hawk who hunts spiders? Their bite can cause the worst pain you've probably ever felt.

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There are spiders, lizards, and other creepy crawlies that you surely don't want to mess with.

Some advice we'll give you. If you're out and about in the desert, don't touch things you don't know what they are. Check the nooks and crannies of your house to make sure you don't have any of these buggers hiding around.

If you get bit by any of the following, get some medical attention to ensure you're on the up-and-up.

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