There are things in this life that we are often left wondering about, but never will know the exact feeling we might have if and when it happens. One of those things might have been what it looks and sounds like to get attacked by a grizzly bear. Fear not, the answer has been found and filmed, and it is even scarier than one might have expected.

This was the release of a 22- year-old male in Montana’s northern Whitefish Range. The bear was humanely captured and placed into a large enclosure to be released far away from some chicken coops that he had been harming. Tim Manley was the wildlife expert at the helm of this operation, and had set his camera up to capture the release of the bear as he ran into the creek. But the bear had different thoughts, and it provided some once-in-a-lifetime footage that you will not soon forget.

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Everything happens so quickly as the bear turns and heads right for the camera. What you are going to hear is a wildlife expert pounding on the door to alert the bear, then bravely opening said door. You can really get a one-of-a-kind look at what it would be to have a massive wild grizzly bear coming toward you. Then comes the wildest part of the whole thing.

After the bear has finished attacking the camera that is on the tripod, turn your sound up, and listen to those deep, throaty breaths that the bear takes. You can hear what you usually only would hear in a movie or on a TV show. This is an amazing thing to get to hear, and of course, have the ability to talk about the next day.

If you are looking for a good conversation to have while camping, this might be a good starter video to show on why it might be a good idea to avoid a grizzly bear if you come in contact with one in the wild.

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