Arizona is unlike any place on earth. The Grand Canyon State offers a range of experiences that can only be found here.

Dinosaurs, Peccaries, and Scorpions - Oh, My!

Have you ever seen a living dinosaur? If you've ever seen a roadrunner, you've gotten a glimpse of the past. This creature is actually related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex!

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What about a musky, wild boar known as the javelina? Ever seen one of those?

Oh, and don't forget to check your boots for creepy crawly critters like the scorpion. They love to take up residence in dark places, and your shoe could be the perfect home for this carnivorous arthropod.

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Experience Unique Weather in Arizona

Anyone can brag about humidity and drifting snow, but Arizona weather is different. It's not that we don't have those things—we do—but in a slightly milder way than other states.

Learn more about Arizona's special weather events - some are beautiful, some are freakish, but all are interesting. If you've never heard of a haboob or seen the breathtaking show as the Arizona sun dips below the horizon, check out what you're missing in our state.

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A Slide, A Bridge, and More - in Arizona

Cool off in a natural rock slide, see a bridge from a whole other country, and wend your way deep into a canyon in the most unique way. Arizona is like no place on earth. Here are fifteen experiences you won't find anywhere else on the planet - at least not the way we do them in Arizona!

15 Truly Unique Experiences You'll Only Find in Arizona

You'll only find these amazing experiences in the Grand Canyon State!

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15 of the Best Places to Discover History in Arizona

Arizona's rich history is waiting to whisper it secrets. Here are 15 of the best places to uncover Arizona's past.

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Arizona Endangered Species

Arizona is home to a diverse range of wildlife. These animals are considered endangered, while some are believed to be extinct in the state.

Gallery Credit: Tim Gray

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