Arizona has a terrifying list of creatures within its borders:

  • Rattlesnakes
  • Scorpions
  • Gila monsters
  • Tarantulas
  • Snowbirds
  • Politicians

Just kidding about the last two. (Kind of.)

You get the idea, though. If it pokes, slithers, scurries, or bites, you'll find it in abundance here in the 'Zone. But not all these ugly creepy crawlies are dangerous, and just because they like to puff up and act aggressive doesn't mean they'll hurt you. (I promise, I'm not talking about the politicians. I think.)

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Who wins the fight between sun spider and a scorpion?
What the heck is THAT? // Canva

The Shocking Critters Living in Arizona

Newcomers to Arizona experience a period of terror as they settle into our state. Things seem normal until one day, you find something on your porch, in your garage, or, heaven forbid, in your house that you know doesn't belong.

Who wins the fight between sun spider and a scorpion?
Sun Spider versus Scorpion. Who wins this fight? // via YouTube user MAD SCIENCEen.

Maybe the creature has eight legs, six legs, or no legs at all. Either way, you take to the internet to determine if you need a glass jar, an exterminator, or a flame thrower.

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Slow your roll, my friend. There's one "bug" who looks scary, but I promise, he's your friend.

Is the Sun Spider a Scorpion or a Spider?

My favorite what the heck is that thing!? website, What's That Bug, tells us that at least one of these crawlies is only dangerous if you're a centipede or a scorpion.

Who wins the fight between sun spider and a scorpion?
Will it be the Sun Spider? // via YouTube user MAD SCIENCEen.

Sun spiders are also known as camel spiders, wind scorpions, and sun spiders. However, "sun spiders" are neither true scorpions (order Scorpiones) nor true spiders (order Araneae). They're in an order all their own, Solifugae, and they're not very friendly with the other creatures whose names they're sometimes given.

Arizona's Scorpion Eaters: Meet the Sun Spider

If you're a human, sun spiders look much scarier than they actually are.

Those powerful front pincher jaws are not venomous, even though their bites can be pretty painful.

While sun spiders are lightning-fast and possess powerful jaws, they are not venomous and don't usually hurt humans. However, their bites can still be painful and could require medical attention.

Who wins the fight between sun spider and a scorpion?

They're not a big threat to you or your animals. If you or anyone you know identifies as one of the following, though, you could be in big trouble:

  • Insects, like ants, beetles, or moths
  • Lizards, especially small geckos and skinks
  • Arachnids, mainly smaller spiders and scorpions

See that last one? Spiders and scorpions? Those are two of the sun spider's favorite snacks, which is why you want them hanging around. Just like scorpions, sun spiders are mainly nocturnal, so they're roaming the night looking for tasty morsels the same time as scorpions.

Trust me. In a sun spider versus scorpion fight, put your money on the sun spider. If you're not too squeamish, check out this YouTube video by MAD SCIENCEen.

So, if you find one in your house, grab a bowl or a glass and carefully take it outside. Relocate it so it can patrol and consume all the creepers we don't really want in our home!

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