The way the price of everything keeps going up, we're all looking for a bargain these days. There are some things you can easily cut corners on. Like buying a less expensive brand or switching to the store brand of a product, especially something you use a lot of.

You don't necessarily need to buy top-of-the-line paper towels, for example. Unless you live with my grandma, ideally you use them once and toss them in the trash.

Side note: It's hard to believe, but my frugal grandparents actually rinsed out paper towels and then hung them in the dish drainer to dry. They kept a stack of "ready to reuse" paper towels in a kitchen drawer. But I digress...

Don't buy at dollar store arizona

According to dollar store employees and consumer experts, there are some things you should think twice about before putting them in your shopping basket. If you're shopping in a dollar store, you should be extra vigilant, because you could be getting more than you bargained for - or getting ripped off when you think you're saving money.

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The allure of low prices is strong, especially with the economy the way it is. But the quality, safety, and long-term value of buying at dollar stores are often compromised. It’s always a good idea to consider these factors before spending your hard-earned money.

Don't buy at dollar store arizona

You may not be "re-using your paper towels like my grandma" frugal, but it would be nice to know we're getting the value and quality we pay for.

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