Nobody wants to be a criminal, but some of these laws in Arizona might make that virtually impossible.

We'll preface this whole article with these are "alleged" laws. Who knows if the "crazy" laws will be enforced? There are a few, however, that we can almost guarantee will get you in a bit of trouble.

Not All of These Arizona Laws Are Crazy

Some of these laws are leftover laws from the past. Why in the world would it be illegal to wear suspenders in Nogales? Were too many people going around snapping each other? Sometimes a fella has to keep his pants up.

What were people in Glendale doing that made it illegal to drive a car in reverse? How do they get into or out of their driveway?

And the dentists better be really, really good at their jobs in Tombstone.

A Few of These Arizona Laws Make Sense

As you scroll through the list below, you'll see some that need to be enforced. Like leaving the natural Arizona landscape alone and not harassing the wildlife.

Since it's so hot and dry in the state, if someone needs a bit of water, hook them up. It's the least you can do.

Anywho, you'll get a chuckle out of some of these questionable laws.

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