• TikTok is already banned on government devices.
  • Critics of TikTok say the app targets vulnerable children and teens.
  • Critics of the ban on TikTok say disallowing the app in America could empower big tech companies like Google and Facebook.

The United States House of Representatives just passed a bill that could shut down TikTok in America. If signed into law, the bill would require TikTok's parent company to separate from ByteDance, a Chinese-owned company, within six months. The app will be removed from app stores if that doesn't happen.

Should TikTok be banned in Arizona? In America?
The House passed the bill that could ban TikTok in the US. // Canva

The US House of Representatives Passes Bill Banning TikTok

Concern over TikTok has grown recently because a communist Chinese company owns the app.

The United States House of Representatives passed H.R. 7521, the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act. The bill still has to clear the Senate, but if passed, it could strengthen security nationwide and throughout Arizona.

Should TikTok be banned in Arizona? In America?
Many TikTok users begged congress not to pass the bill. // Canva

Why the Government Wants to Shut Down the Chinese-Owned TikTok App

While nearly 170 million Americans currently use TikTok, the app has been criticized as a national security threat. Many have expressed concern that the app could compromise private data and national security.

  • Government agencies have taken action: Fort Huachuca, Davis Monthan Air Force Base, and state and local governments throughout Arizona do not allow TikTok to be installed or used on government devices due to security concerns.
  • Breitbart reports: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has admitted the app is targeted at youth in America, and it's being used as a psychological warfare weapon.

Activists and teens across America bombarded congressmen ahead of the vote. Thousands of people called their representatives, begging them not to shut the app down.

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Should TikTok be banned in Arizona? In America?
The FBI director and other US security agencies warn of a larger threat to Arizona and the US. // Canva

Patching Arizona's Vulnerable Security Hole

Will passing this bill patch the looming security hole in Arizona? Watching our elected officials close an insidious app they say is threatening America from the inside is noble.

However, in Arizona, we have more pressing issues to worry about. ABCNews reports that FBI Director Chris Wray and five other intelligence agencies warned the Senate about dangerous individuals who are coming across the US border every day.

Should TikTok be banned in Arizona? In America?

Many of the illegal crossers are young, healthy, adult men from China and other nations from around the world. Congress should consider closing the very real security hole at the southern border in Arizona and the other border states first and worry less about collapsing the virtual hole in cyberspace.

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