You’ve seen those social media posts over the years. The ones that say: give yourself points if you’ve done any of these things. You know, 3 points if you’ve ever played a record on a record play. 2 points if you’ve ever flown on a plane. 20 points if you’ve ever driven your car in the Indy 500.

I’m kidding about the last one. Let’s have a little Arizona-themed fun. Play along with our Arizona Scavenger Hunt. Count each thing only once, just like marking a bingo square. For example, count a herd of cattle as 1 point, not each individual cow. Once you've gotten that thing, don't count it again.

Keep track of your points by taking photos with your cell phone or writing them down somewhere. There are no actual prizes, but this is a ton of fun and we'll let you keep the bragging rights!

Send us messages on the station app and let us know how many points you’ve earned!

Play Arizona Scavenger Hunt Bingo with Us!

Keep your eyes open around Arizona and collect points! All for bragging rights!

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