Arizona and mining history go hand in hand with almost 10,000 existing or former mines spread across the state. These mines produced everything from gold, silver, copper, lead and more.

These mines led to mining towns, with many fading into extinction as the mines stopped producing their rich commodities. Many of these towns are now abandoned and considered ghost towns as residents were forced to leave.

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A now defunct mine, the Gold King Mine just southeast of Kingman, Ariz. hides an eerie reminder of what happened to some of these mining towns.

What Can You Find at Arizona's Gold King Mine Site?

Some of the remnant mines can still be seen in the area, but that's not the most interesting piece of Arizona's mining history. Here, you'll find the Gold King Mansion.

Gold King Mine Mansion

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The Gold King Mansion was originally built to house the workers of the mine. This was the first of what would have been housing for the workers. The building was constructed using reinforced concrete. It would have provided ample room for sleeping, modern (for the time) bathrooms, and electric lighting.

However, the housing unit wasn't used as it was intended. The owners of the mine actually turned it into a ritzy location to take prospective investors to wine and dine with them. It was also used to house the mine's superintendent.

In the late 1940s, the economy led to the dismay of the mine after World War II.

During the 1970s and 1980s, historians of the area said the mansion was withering away. Some parts due to not upkeeping the building, and others due to pilfering of materials from the mansion.

Gold King Mine Mansion Location
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You can still visit the mansion today, but you'll need off-road vehicles and a bit of stamina.

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