Sierra Vista Mayor Clea McCaa was on the First Watch Radio Program and told us a little about himself and his plans for Sierra Vista.

McCaa: I wasn't born in Sierra Vista. I came here in 1980, I was in 9th grade, and my dad was stationed here at Fort Huachuca. We went to Buena high school, the old Buena high school where Lawley Ford is now. We graduated from there in 1984. I went to college at the Great Northern Arizona University: Lumberjacks! Played football and graduated in 1989. I went into the Army, got commissioned a Second Lieutenant, Under Armour, U.S. Army, and 30 years later. I am back here. We always had a house here, but thirty years later retired from the military Full Bird Colonel and now just enjoying Sierra Vista. 

How have your first few months as Mayor been?

McCaa: It's still three fire hoses at one time, but I have we have a great team down at the city of Sierra Vista. Chuck Potucek (City Manager) and Victoria Yarborough Assistant City Manager), all the secretaries, and all the staff are doing amazing work. Our economic development with Tony Boone and the amazing work that people are doing; is very exciting. 

I'm learning a lot. I think my learning curve is with the open meeting law. That's my big learning curve. I'm having fun at being Mayor of the great Sierra Vista. 

The things that we're we're trying to push forward more economic development, getting more businesses in town, and also making sure the businesses that are in town know that they're supported by the city of Sierra Vista, as well as our connection with law enforcement support our law enforcement, our city, our county, and DPS, all the law enforcement agencies. Federal, state, and local collaborating together. 

Mayor McCaa has already spoken on behalf of Sierra Vista in front of Congress. 

McCaa: That was a life lifetime event. First of all, thank you to the city of Sierra Vista, Police Chief Adam Thrasher, for all the stats. Victoria Yarborough accompanied us when we went up there to speak before Congress on things, the pursuits that are coming through Sierra Vista as well as the fentanyl crisis that is hampering our city. So we want to make sure that Congress hears our voice, hears our hearts, and that there needs to be something done down here in the great city of Sierra Vista.

Tell us about the Thursday Night Concert Series.

McCaa: Thursday night, we have the Thursday Night Concert Series that kicks off on May the 11th with a performance by the Sierra Vista Community Band. This concert series continues every Thursday through June 2023 at the Veterans Memorial Park, the Centennial Pavilion. They start at 6:30 sharp, and there is no admission. Just come out, have fun, and hear great music. 

There's also Arts, Eats, and Beats. 

McCaa: Arts, Eats, and Beats is an evening of music and entertainment at the Sierra Vista West End. If you enjoyed the West Fest last Saturday. You will enjoy this. We shut down from North Ave. all the way to Garden on Fry Boulevard. We close it every Friday evening from May 29th through August 4th to accommodate these fun and community events. We want the public to come out and enjoy the crafts, the food, and the entertainment. And if you want to be a craft or food vendor, just go to our website

Mayor McCaa Facebook page: Mayor Clea McCaa, City of Sierra Vista

Photo credit Grady Butler CANVA
Photo credit Grady Butler

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