• Soft Targets versus Hard Targets
  • What a thief looks for when stealing a vehicle
  • How you can make your vehicle harder to steal

Border Issues Have Increased Vehicle Theft in Arizona

If you've been following the news, you've heard about the swell of migrants at the southern border. Cochise County is at the forefront of the daily news, with reports of high-speed chases and vehicle thefts making headlines.

Don't be a vicitm of crime in Cochise County
Photo courtesy Cochise County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page

The surge of high-speed pursuits and stolen vehicles in Cochise County has become a pressing concern. The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, led by Mark J. Dannels, is at the forefront of the battle.

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Every day, the CCSO and other Arizona law enforcement agencies combat the dangerous trend leading to an increase in theft across the county and putting the community in danger.

Don't be a vicitm of crime in Cochise County
Securing your car with an antitheft device makes your vehicle a "hard target". // Canva

Don't Be a Victim: Why Criminals Look for Soft Targets

Do you know how to stop vehicle theft in its tracks? The Cochise County Sherrif has some solid advice and the best way to avoid becoming a victim of this crime.

Don't be a vicitm of crime in Cochise County
Locking your car is a simple way to make your vehicle harder to steal. // Canva

Criminals look for the easiest way to commit their crimes. They don't want to get caught, so they have to make fast decisions when committing a crime of opportunity.

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An unlocked car, an easy-to-break-into truck, a vehicle sitting in a dark area—these are all things crooks look for when trying to make a quick getaway. The target that takes the least time to break into and steal is a prime factor the bad guys use to continue their criminal acts.

Law enforcement calls these soft targets.  The term “soft targets” refers to vehicles that are easily accessible or left unattended, making them vulnerable to theft.

Don't be a vicitm of crime in Cochise County
Photo courtesy Cochise County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page

The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office suggests “hardening the target.” In other words, make your vehicle difficult to steal with simple steps like liking doors and installing anti-theft devices. This will help convince a thief to move on to an easier target.

CCSO: Keeping Cochise County Safe

The CCSO Facebook page is full of examples illustrating the gravity of the situation. High-speed chases have led to harrowing encounters. Suspects throughout the county lead law enforcement on reckless, high-speed changes as they try to outrun law enforcement.

Don't be a vicitm of crime in Cochise County
Sitting by the roadside after a recent high-speed chase in Cochise County. // Photo courtesy Cochise County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page

These pursuits can end up in neighborhoods, areas with pedestrians, and places where these events could hurt citizens.

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The community’s role in this battle is crucial. If we work together to “harden the target,” we'll all make it more difficult for the bad guys to snag our vehicles and commit crimes. It’s a collective effort to ensure the safety and security of Cochise County’s streets.

Read more about the CCSO and their efforts to stop high-speed chases in Cochise County.

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