If you've ever traveled to Hawaii, one of the nicest ways they welcome you is with a beautiful flower lei and the words, ALOHA!

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What if Arizona had a welcoming committee? How would we greet newcomers to our state? We asked this question on social media, and we got some great answers.

The 11 Items in Your Arizona Welcome Basket!

What would you put in a Welcome Basket to greet newcomers to our state? Here are our suggestions.

Gallery Credit: Val Davidson/TSM

New to Arizona? 15 Dead Give Aways You "Ain't From Around These Parts"

You're not from Arizona? We know. Here are 15 ways we spot out-of-towners.

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Top 13 Most Frustrating Things About Living in Cochise County

Arizona is a great place to live. Still, even the best places have their problems. We asked on our socials what you consider the most frustrating things about living in Cochise County. From bad roads to "weird politics", you had a lot to say.

Here are your top 13 answers.

Gallery Credit: Val Davidson

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