Living in Sierra Vista, sooner or later we all have the same question: What is that giant blimp-looking thing in the sky over Fort Huachuca?

To the informed, it's The Aerostat. Everyone else makes up their own stories and we all have our own names for it.

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What is its purpose? There's a lot of speculation, but honestly, if you don't work with it on the Fort, it's anyone's guess.

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That's why we decided to have a little fun and ask what this giant floating shark in the sky is - but only gave wrong answers! Here are ten of the best responses from Facebook.

What is This in the Sky Over Sierra Vista? (Wrong Answers Only!)

We had a little fun with the Giant Orb of Confusion, the Pregnant Guppie, that Blimpy Thingy we can see from all over Cochise County hovering over Sierra Vista.

What is it? Some of us know...some of us like to imagine what it could be. Here are the top 10 Best Answers from our Facebook page.

Gallery Credit: Val Davidson/TSM

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