• These Seven Animals are on the verge of extinction in Arizona
  • Conservation efforts are underway to preserve habitats and animals
  • Some species, like the Mexican wolf and Huachuca Springsnail, are being reintroduced in some parts of Arizona

7 Endangered Species in Arizona

Arizona has over 70 threatened or endangered species, ranging from large mammals to tiny snails.

These animals face various threats; habitat loss, climate change, hunting, and disease all jeopardize their survival. Here are seven of the most imperiled species in Arizona and what is being done to protect them.

Can We Save Them? 7 Animals in Arizona on the Verge of Extinction

Here are seven Arizona species that are on the verge of extinction. Can we save them before it's too late?

Gallery Credit: Val Davidson

Uncover Arizona: Discover 11 Fascinating Facts You Never Knew

How old is the Grand Canyon? When could women vote in Arizona? These answers and more. Discover 11 facts you never knew about the Grand Canyon State.

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Visiting Arizona? Don't Miss Reddit's Top 20 Must-See Attractions

When Arizona visitors are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon state, a lot of folks stop by the Reddit thread r/Arizona looking for advice on the best places to visit. 

The question is posed so often, that the SubReddit r/Arizona's put together a list of the top 41 things to do in the state, and took a poll on our favroites.

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