Miracle Valley is a storied little hamlet located between Palominas and Hereford in Cochise County, Arizona. There's not much to see in this area. A small enclave of homes and then a few ranches, but not much else.

Photo via Google Maps Street View // Canva
Photo via Google Maps Street View // Canva

Not much, until you get to a large structure with a domed roof, set off Highway 92. The name of the road is Healing Way but it's been closed off for years. The crumbling structure is listed as Miracle Valley Tabernacle, Office on Google Maps.

Locally, the collection of buildings is referred to as the bible college. The crumbling structure has been the source of fascination for years.

The History of Miracle Valley Bible College

Miracle Valley Bible College was founded in Cochise County in 1959 by evangelist A. A. Allen, according to Wikipedia.

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Allen died in 1970. Since that time, the Bible College and the surrounding property changed hands a number of times. The Don Stewart Evangelistic Association, the Southern Arizona Bible College, and the Miracle Valley Bible College and Seminary have all occupied the property at one time or another.

An event venue or a place to hold weddings or other events. // Canva
An event venue or a place to hold weddings or other events. // Canva

In 2009 the property was foreclosed on. A buyer stepped up, but the sale to Miracle Valley Arizona Ministries fell through in 2011.  In 2014, yet another group purchased the college and had plans to restore the derelict campus. They, too planned to return it to a bible college. Their plans never came to fruition.

The Sale and Demolition of the Bible College

In spite of the parade of organizations with the intention of returning the property to a bible college, no one has been able to get the project off the ground.

A hotel or a casino. // Canva
Some suggested turning the property into a hotel or a casino. // Canva

In early 2023 Cochise County, which is the current owner of the property, began to solicit bids to tear the deteriorating buildings down. This caught the attention of a small group who hoped to preserve the property, citing its historical relevance, according to the Sierra Vista Herald/Review.

Now, Cochise County has decided to put the approximately 37-acre property and buildings up for auction in a Tax Deed Land Sale. The fate of the property rests in the future buyer.

What Cochise County Would Like to See in the Old Miracle Valley Bible College

We asked what you'd like to see the old Miracle Valley Bible College turned into.

An Indoor Flea Market? // Canva
Some suggested the property might be turned into an Indoor Flea Market. // Canva

The crumbling buildings would require a lot of work if they were to continue standing, but we decided to imagine some things the buildings and the property could become.

A roller rink? // Canva
It's fun to imagine a roller rink returning to Cochise County. // Canva

Here are your top answers:

  • Women's Retreat
  • First Responder/Veteran Retreat
  • Sober Living/Rehab Center
  • Rollerskating Rink
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Casino/Hotel
  • Event Center
  • Concert Venue
  • Movie Location/Set
  • School/Charter School
  • Indoor Flea Market
  • Mini Golf/Go Kart/Arcade
  • Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center
  • Return the Property to a Bible College
Mini Golf or an Arcade? // Canva
A mini golf and arcade attraction could be built on the property.// Canva

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