Most of us love living in Cochise County, but no place is perfect. We asked on our social media accounts if you'd tell us which things are the most annoying that people in Cochise County do.

We're Annoyed with the Way People Drive in Cochise County

You had hundreds of answers, so we curated your top responses.

It turns out, we're irritated with the way people drive these days. Everything from rolling California stops to not your using turn signals - you're really irritating our sensibilities!

Facebook via K101 Sierra Vista
Facebook via K101 Sierra Vista

We're Irritated with Nosy People and Local Social Media "Ambulance Chasers"

"Why can't everyone just keep their nose out of everyone else's business," one social media user posted on our Facebook page. There are whole groups and local websites dedicated to digging into each other's business, and you're over it.

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Everything from the "ambulance chasers" who show up at the scene of a local accident, camera in hand, and then make more of a situation than it is.

To everyone who won't stop talking about the woman in Chit Chat and the "missed connection" with the guy driving the black truck. Judging your responses, you think we're spending too much time talking about people, and not enough talking to people.

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What's This "Red Lobster" Stuff All About in Sierra Vista?

You can't have a discussion about the things that stick in our craw around here without getting to that "Stupid Red Lobster Thing" sooner or later. You either love it, make jokes about it and laugh, or hate it with passion and call everyone out for making in the punchline to every joke.

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Here' the list of things you told us annoy you, Cochise County. What did we miss?

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