With the price of gas rising, and walkable cities becoming a thing of the past, many have resorted to bicycles for their local commutes.

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This is an excellent way to save money on transportation fees, as well as getting in daily exercise, but despite the freedom that biking brings, cyclists must remember that they have to follow the rules of the road as well.

Safety Tip for Biking in Arizona

Bicycles and cars are two very different forms of transportation, but that doesn't mean cyclists get a pass. In Arizona, bikes are required to follow the same rules as cars.

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This involves obeying all traffic signs, staying cautious of pedestrians, making noticeable turning signals (holding out your left or right arm for cyclists), and staying away from blind spots, among others.

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These rules are in place to ensure that drivers and cyclists can both stay safe on their commute, and respect each other's presence on the road.

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Rules for Cyclists in Arizona

While the rules of the road apply to cyclists and drivers equally, Arizona does have strict cycling laws as well to ensure that those biking stay safe on the road, especially since bikes have exponentially less safety features than cars.

Woman lies face down in the ground with a crashed bike behind her
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In Arizona, cyclists are required to:

  • Have a regular seat to sit on
  • Have at least one brake that will make the wheel skid
  • Have at least one hand on handlebars at all times
  • Ensure that no more than two cyclists bike side by side at the same time, unless on a designated bike path.
  • Not tow the bike behind any motorized vehicle on roadways

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