When it gets hot in Arizona, you'll see a lot more change than just the thermometer. Life begins to slow down, air conditioners come on, and even wildlife starts to behave differently. And by 'wildlife', I mean Arizona drivers.

Why do they park so weird in Arizona?
Score! A perfect parking spot! // Photo by Val Davidson/TSM

A Strange Anomaly in Arizona Parking Lots

You'll see it in parking lots across the state. When drivers are looking for a place to park, one of the most important factors is usually the distance from the venue. Whether that venue is a concert, a mall, or a grocery store, most drivers tend to look for the closest possible parking space.

For most of the year, that's how things go in Arizona. Unless you're one of those "sneak in some extra fitness during your day and get more steps" types, you're probably not parking in lot Q at the mall.

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Why do they park so weird in Arizona?
Parking in the shade is preferred to parking close. // Photo by Val Davidson/TSM

The Strange Behavior the Hotter Arizona Gets

However, as spring transitions into summer, parking habits across the Grand Canyon State begin to change. Forget the hummingbirds returning, this is the surest sign summer is coming.

Why do they park so weird in Arizona?
We'll walk a long way to a shop, if we an park under a tree in Arizona. // Photo by Val Davidson/TSM

Have you seen this happen? Instead of just parking, you notice drivers making making the rounds of the parking lot, making yet another pass, leaving perfectly good spaces in their wake.

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That nice, close, spot next to the handicapped space? Nope.

That slightly further, yet still pretty close space proximal to the shopping cart return corral? Keep looking.

That slightly shady spot next to the sports card taking up three spaces? Getting warmer.

Waiting for the slow-moving vehicle to finally back out of the space sitting under the fully-leafed-out parking lot treeThat's the one!

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Why do they park so weird in Arizona?
Even the FedEx driver has the good sense to park under a tree in the parking lot! // Photo by Val Davidson/TSM

Parking in the Shade Wins Over Distance in Arizona Summers

It may take you 10 minutes to walk into the grocery store when you park in the south forty at the Safeway, but you're under a tree. You've got your comfort water bottle! You can make it.

Now, combined with the windshield shade, the slightly cracked windows, and the oven mitts, your car might actually stay cool enough to drive home!

This is a true victory in Arizona Summer!

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