The Southern Arizona DUI Task Force Will be out in Sierra Vista New Year’s Eve for a saturation detail. Sergeant Wachtel with the Sierra Vista Police Department said, “Saturday night will be bringing in a 2023 saying goodbye to 2022 so with that said, have a good time but the southeastern Arizona DUI task force we will be out there Saturday night from 7:00 o'clock until 3:00. I'm not trying to threaten anybody or discourage them from having a good time especially bringing in 2023 but do it the right way.” 

The Sierra Vista Police Department, Cochise County Sheriff's Office and the local Arizona DPS office are agencies within the task force. No matter where you are in Cochise County, police agencies will be looking for DUI's as well, so don't think if you're not in Sierra Vista you're going to get away with it.  Wachtel included, “Impaired driving, don't do it, it's not worth it, plan ahead.”  

Why does the DUI Task force announce when and where they will be? "It’s a public service. We're not out here threatening to arrest people. The biggest thing with Saturday night is bringing in 2023 under your terms not our terms. Unfortunately, if you run into us because you are impaired, you will be bringing in 2023 under our terms and we don't want to see that happen.” Wachtel said.  

There are so many different ways that you can plan ahead: have a friend that comes along that's not going to drink, it's called a designated driver, or plan ahead with a taxi or a ride-share, Uber or Lyft. Sergeant Wachtel said, “We enjoy pulling people over and find the driver himself or herself is a designated driver, sober as can be, and the rest of the individuals in that vehicle can be drunk and that's a good sign.”  

Don’t' Drink and Drive. 

Photo Credit Sierra Vista Police Department, Canva
Photo Credit Sierra Vista Police Department, Canva

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