What Does Cochise County Have Enough Of?

On our Facebook page, we asked our followers what Cochise County needs more of. You had a lot of ideas, we noticed a pattern. Many of the items were listed repeatedly. Read this if you want to know the Top 5 Answers.

We have enough tattoo shops, people said. // Canva

You also volunteered some ideas on what you think Cochise County has PLENTY of. If you're looking at starting a business in Cochise County, here's the list of things we don't need to duplicate. You might want to keep brainstorming or refer to those things we actually want.

We Have Enough of THESE Things

Independent surveyors have asked residents in Cochise County for decades what they wanted more of. While places like Sierra Vista and Benson are pretty well set on grocery stores, the residents who live in the more populated areas would like to see alternative grocers like Trader Joe's or Sprouts come to town.

We don't want another dollar store. // Canva

People who live further out in the county would really like a rural grocery store brought to their area. In place of those options, a lot of dollar stores have sprung up, but we're not so keen on that idea.

"I think it's safe to say we don't need another Dollar General or .99 Cent Store!" Bianca observed on our Facebook Page.

The Top 7 Businesses We Have Enough of in Cochise County

According to the answers given on our Facebook page, here are the items that were mentioned repeatedly that we don't need any more of:

  • Dollar stores
  • Car washes
  • Tattoo shops
  • Vape shops
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Tire stores
We have plenty of car washes, of all different kinds. // Canva

While some folks listed specific fast food restaurants that they would like to see come to our area, establishments like Whataburger or In 'n Out Burger, for the most part, we're doing alright in this department and most people don't want to see more low-paying jobs.

How many vape shops does one county need? // Canva

"We have a LOT of tattoo and vape shops," Manuel noted. "Do we really need that many?" That's a good question. We seem to be testing the limits on exactly how many our economy can sustain.

I think we have the perfect number of coffee places and cafes. // Canva

There was a time when our area had only a small number of independent coffee shops or cafés, but now we have a broad spectrum. There's a little something for everyone, and they're great places to meet if you're meeting with friends about starting a new business. Some people said we don't need more.

"I really love the coffee house options we have," Mary noted.

The One Thing We REALLY Want in Cochise County

If you've lived here long enough, you're familiar with the Sad, Sad Tale of the Sierra Vista Red Lobster That Never Was. If you're new to Cochise County, you're probably wondering about all this Red Lobster Chit Chat is all about.

How do you get to the Sierra Vista Red Lobster??? // Canva

While Sierra Vista almost got a Red Lobster to open in town, the dream fizzled and died. But there are still those who hope.

While we might have enough taco shops in the county (I can't believe I just wrote that with a straight face...I mean...you can never have too many opportunities for tacos!), we would all rally around a Sierra Vista Red Lobster. At first, anyway.

Chit Chat Red Lobster and the Asst. Bus Boy // Canva

If you've never been to the Sierra Vista Red Lobster, here's how you get there. If you go, say hello the the Asst. Bus Boy for us, okay? (IYKYK)

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