The quality of life in California has been going down for decades. I had friends who moved away from Cali in the 90s and never looked back.

Going back to Cali? I don't think so.


If you've arrived in Arizona you've probably noticed we have a pretty good quality of life here. We're not all making six figures, but we've noticed not everyone in California is, either. Things are seriously expensive there. So, even if you do make that much, you're still not enjoying life the way you should.

The cost of living is lower in Arizona. The quality of life here is pretty good. If you've landed here from California, we'd like to welcome you. And also remind you why you left. Here are some things you'll find that are very different here.

Californians Moving to Arizona are in For a Rude Awakening

Things are different in Arizona. If you're transplanting from California, there are some things you'll need to get used to.

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