There's nothing better than adopting a pet. Obviously, dogs and cats are the most popular. But, what about someone who wants a pet that's a bit out of the ordinary to own? They can opt for an exotic animal.

Each state has laws for which exotic animals someone can own. Arizona has its list of exotic animals someone can own.

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A Little About Pet Adoption in Arizona

Every year, roughly 70,000 pets are adopted in Arizona. At about 60%, dogs are the most popular.

That is s followed by cats with about 40% of all adoptions.

This all equates to about one pet per 105 Arizona residents.

The Lure of Exotic Pets in Arizona

If someone wants a pet that you wouldn't normally see, they'd opt for an exotic pet. Think snakes, reptiles, animals from other countries, or even a crossbreed with wild animals.

Some of these exotic pets could even be housed on a farm, or in a privately-owned petting zoo.

I'm not sure I'd opt for an exotic pet. They can be expensive to treat medically due to their rarity in nature. Some could even be dangerous --looking at you, snakes and reptiles.

While owning an exotic animal will set you apart from the crowd, you'll want to do research before committing to one.

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Sure you could own a dog or a cat, but that's too normal. If you're looking for a pet that not just anyone has, you could own one of these exotic animals.

Here are some of the exotic pets you can have in Arizona.

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Extremely Rare or Impossible to See Animals in Arizona

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