What are the Chances of a White Christmas in Arizona

Arizona has such diverse weather, this might be a broad statement, but chances are good we'll see a white Christmas, in Arizona this year.

Snow on Saguaro for Christmas
Saguaro cactus in the snow. // Canva

If you've been through at least one monsoon season, you know the weather might be different from your neighbor's weather. We give a very specific meaning to localized showers.

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You might get rain, and you might not, no matter what the sky seems to threaten. The same holds true for winter snow. Cochise County could get snow. while Phoenix doesn't see a flake.

Could Flagstaff Arizona have a white Christmas
Flagstaff and similar elevations will likely have a whilte Christmas. // Canva

And we won't even consider Flagstaff in this equation. They already have a better-than-average chance of snow.

The History of White Christmases in Arizona

According to KOLD News 13 in Tucson, the last time Old Pueblo experienced a white Christmas was back in 1987 when everyone woke up Christmas morning to almost three inches of snow.

will Arizona have a white christmas
Fun in the snow. // Canva

In Cochise County that year, Bisbee saw 3.8 inches and Hereford had a whopping 8.5 inches!

What the Farmer's Almanac Predicts for Arizona this Winter

Experts are predicting that most of the US and Canada could experience an above-average snowfall this year. For the most part, it looks like we're likely to have a wet winter, but not necessarily a snowier season overall in the Desert Southwest.

white Christmas in Arizona

We'll certainly get snowfall in parts of Arizona this winter, according to the 2024 Old Famer's Almanac, "[T]here will be a white Christmas in the highest terrain of central Arizona, but not elsewhere in the region."

what are the chances of a white christmas in Arizona this year
Prickly Pear cactus with snow. // Canva

Places like Flagstaff and the White Mountains will likely have a white Christmas, but unfortunately for those hoping for a little Christmas magic this year, it probably won't happen in Sierra Vista, Tucson, or Phoenix.

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