Imagine sitting around a fire with your friends and family, what's the one go-to Arizona legend you all agree on? Don't fool yourself, we know you still believe in one or two.

Me? I'm a sucker for a good legend or myth. I believe in the afterlife, stories of beings roaming the land, and of course, I love a good UFO story. If you have anything to share, I would love to hear it.

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Just like much of the world, Arizona has its own legends that are shared from person to person. Especially with the deep history in the "wild, wild West."

Where Do Arizona's Legends + Lore Come From?

The legends and lore of Arizona have deep roots in Arizona's culture. Some legends come from the indigenous people of the land. Others come from the Spanish culture that populated the area before Americans moved west.

The miners and pioneers of the land brought their own legends with them from their culture. While some were created from the lives of those miners and pioneers.

There is even modern lore sparked by controversies of alien life forms, and UFOs flying above the land.

We asked you to give us some of your favorite legends and myths, and you surely didn't disappoint us.

Legends + Lore that People of Arizona Still Believe

These are some of the legends and lore that Arizonans still believe to this day:

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