Across the United States, the first full week of May is recognized as National Correctional Officers Week.

Arizona Corrections Week
Commander Bradshaw and Sheriff Dannels of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office celebrate Corrections Officers across Cochise County. // CochiseCountyAZ via YouTube

Cochise County Sheriff's Office Commander Kenny Bradshaw writes:

"In 1984, President Ronald Reagan issued Proclamation 5187, declaring the first week in May, as “National Correctional Officers Week.”

Arizona Corrections Week

National Corrections Week Proclamation

President Reagan proclaimed the first week in May, “in recognition of the contributions of correctional officers to our nation,” and noted that the position of correctional officer “is essential to the day-to-day operations of these institutions [prisons and jails]; without them, it would be impossible to achieve the foremost institutional goals of security and control.”

Arizona Corrections Week
Chief Hiser of the Sierra Vista Police Department talks about why our Corrections Officers are important to our state. // CochiseCountyAZ via YouTube

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In the proclamation, President Reagan stated that “the duties of these officers have become increasingly complex and demanding."

Arizona Corrections Week
Corrections Officers perform many duties. // Canva

Arizona Corrections Officers: A Variety of Roles

Corrections officers across the nation are called upon to simultaneously fill a variety of positions and duties, including custodial duties, supervisory roles, and counseling.

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Commander Bradshaw noted that officers' roles are not easy. They display professionalism, dedication, and courage, maintaining utmost respect in roles that are often conflicting and demanding.

Arizona Corrections Week
Captain Chase of the Arizona State Troopers, lauding our Corrections Officers for their service. // CochiseCountyAZ via YouTube

Recognizing Correctional Officers in Arizona

According to Commander Bradshaw, "Correctional Officers' important work doesn't always receive the recognition from the public it deserves," so he and others are spotlighting their hard work during this weeklong event.

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Arizona Corrections Week
Chief Fullen of the Douglas Police Department thanking officers for their service. // CochiseCountyAZ via YouTube

The Cochise County Sheriff's Office is joining law enforcement organizations throughout Cochise County and across the state of Arizona to honor the contributions and accomplishments of the men and women who work in the field of corrections.

Special Thanks to Commander Kenny Bradshaw and Public Information Officer Grady Butler of the Cochise County Sherrif's Office for the Information Supplied in this Article.

Watch the complete video as law enforcement from around Cochise County celebrate our Corrections Officers.

Thank you to the Cochise County Sheriff's Office via YouTube:

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