Time outdoors, hiking, and solving puzzles combine with the growing passion known as geocaching. Arizona is one of the best places to enjoy this exciting pastime.

Using GPS as a guide, uncover hidden caches across Arizona and around the world. Using technology and websites like TrailLink.com, meld with discovery to create a modern-day quest for explorers of all ages. 

Geocaching is fun in Arizona.
A typical geocache. // Canva

What is Geocaching?

A geocache is a hidden container used in geocaching. Participants are known as Geocachers.

Geocachers use Global Positioning System (GPS) typically on their mobile device, to find containers, which are placed at specific locations marked by coordinates. These caches can be found all over the world. Some are easy to locate, while others present a puzzle in order to find them.

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Geocaching is fun in Arizona.
Treasures from Grady Butler's geocache collection. // Photo courtesy Grady Butler.

A typical geocache contains a logbook. Finders sign their code name or username and date it to prove they found the cache. Some geocaches also include items for trading, like toys or trinkets.

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A Geocache Event Happening in Arizona: GeoWoodstock XX

Longtime Cochise County radio personality and avid geocacher Grady Butler explains, "Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt you do with your phone or GPS. There are Geocaches all around you even as you read this."
Geocaching is fun in Arizona.
Grady Butler (left) at the Southwest ARizona Geocache event. // Photo courtesy Grady Butler

Geocachers have local gatherings where anywhere from two to ten Geocachers get together to find local hides or caches, play games, share Geocaching stories, and even win prizes.

Coming up in May, Geocachers from around the world will meet in Flagstaff for a mega event. GeoWoodstock XX is scheduled for Saturday, May 25th, at the Pepsi Amphitheatre.
Geocaching is fun in Arizona.
Various geocoins from Grady Butler's collection. // Photo courtesy Grady Butler.

What is a Geocache Event Coin? What is a "Trackable"?

According to Grady, earning the event coin is a really fun time and is considered by many to be their favorite part.

Geocaching is fun in Arizona.
A Geocache "Bug" from the back of Grady's truck. // Photo courtesy Grady Butler.

What is a trackable? Geocaching.com explains, "Trackables are physical game pieces that move from geocache to geocache."

They come in different forms, typically geocoins, dog tags, T-shirts, and more, and are placed by different geocachers.

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Geocaching is fun in Arizona.
Using technology, hiking and puzzle-solving, Geocaching is a fun pastime. // Canva

Grady clarifies, "When someone finds your trackable and logs it or moves it, you get an e-mail telling you where it has ended up. At a mega event, hundreds of trackables converge and are traded, and moved along at the trackable exchange."

Depending on the circumstances, a geocacher can also create a mission for a trackable.

For example, the mission could be for a trackable to end up in England, or the trackable will be required to have its picture taken with old cars; the trackable may be on a mission only to head West. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Learn More and Sign Up for a Free Geocaching Account

For more information about the Geocaching GeoWoodstock XX event visit their website. If you're interested in Geocaching, sign up for a free account to get started.

Now, let’s go find something!

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Special thanks to Grady Butler for providing the inspiration and information contained in this article.

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