When I was growing up, it seemed like I was always suffering from allergies. From sneezing to sniffling to runny eyes and constant congestion, the symptoms never completely left me. It just depended on where we landed on the calendar and how intense they were.

Allergies can be really bad in Arizona.

Ah-Choo! Dealing with Allergies in Arizona's Desert

With the blowing dust, the blooming desert broom, the Palo Verde trees, and everything that produces pollen across our state, I think I'm single-handedly keeping the makers of allergy medicine in business.

Allergies can be really bad in Arizona.

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Let’s talk about the sneeze-fest that is Arizona’s allergy season. With our unique flora and fauna, allergies here can be as intense as our summer heat. There are some cool ways to deal with them.

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Allergies can be really bad in Arizona.
Air filters and HEPA filters may be a good investment during allergy season. // Canva

Tips to Help You Reduce Your Allergies in Arizona

12News.com and others suggest ways to stay pollen savvy through our nearly perpetual allergy season here in Arizona.

  • Check the Pollen Levels: Start by monitoring the pollen count. When it’s high, you might want to adjust your plans. Consider swapping that hike for a chill day indoors.
  • Fortify Your Fortress: Your home is your sanctuary, so try to make it a pollen-free zone. When the pollen is high, keep your windows and doors closed. Consider running air conditioning on low to keep the air moving.
  • Filter Out the Foes: ValleyWiseHealth.org suggests using air purifiers and HEPA filters to help you remove those pesky allergens.
  • Wash Away the Woes: Keep your bedding and clothes clean with regular washing. Laundering your sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding will help you sleep better and remove allergens where you rest.
  • Consult the Pros: When in doubt, contact your local allergy specialists. They can help you isolate the allergens that trigger you the worst and give you expert tips and medications to help you feel your best.
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Allergies can be really bad in Arizona.

Allergies Are an Ongoing Problem in Arizona

The only way to be completely allergy-free in Arizona is to move to a clean room. Not many of us have that available to us, so air filters, allergy medications, and regular cleaning and dusting of our habitats may be the best way to reduce allergies in Arizona.

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