The Best Fast-Food Service in Arizona

It's pretty easy to pinpoint the worst fast-food service in Arizona. If you're unsure, just visit any of our local social media forums.

Which fast food restaurant has the best service in Cochise County?
Which fast food restaurant has the best service in Cochise County? // Canva

You'll find them littered with stories about terrible service, forgotten items, and photos of what the even is this?? questions that call the restaurant out.

If you've ever left a restaurant or drive-thru irritated, angry, or spittin' mad, you know what I'm talking about.

But what about those restaurants that make things so easy, if it weren't for the smiling faces and friendly attitudes, you'd almost forget you even visited. We're going to explore some of the best customer services at fast-food restaurants in Cochise County.

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4. Carl's Jr. on Fry Boulevard in Sierra Vista

If you've been to Carl's Jr. in Sierra Vista twice, you're family. The friendly staff works hard to make sure your order is fresh, hot, and done just right.

Carl's Jr. on Fry Boulevard has good service
Carl's Jr. on Fry Boulevard has great service. // Carl's Jr Google Maps Street View

The entire staff will help you feel welcome. Stay for a meal, or visit with your friends. They're going to make sure your visit is top-notch.

 3. Arby's on Fry Boulevard

Something changed at Arby's when they moved across the street and installed that bell. In case you haven't been to their lobby in a while, Arby's has a bell positioned near the exit. You can ring it to signal to everyone that you've had a great experience. And that bell rings a LOT!

Arby's in Sierra Vista has great customer service
You're in good hands when you stop by Arby's in Sierra Vista. // Via Google Maps Street View

There's no bell in the drive-thru, but like Taco Bell, it's rare to find more than a small handful of cars in line. In spite of the challenge of taking orders from a small speaker, the employees who handle the window seem to get it right every time.

Not only do you get extra napkins, but they also always ask you which sauces you'd like to include, and you get them in the bag.

2. The New Taco Bell on Highway 92

Situated right next to McDonald's near Canyon de Flores on Highway 92 in Sierra Vista, the new Taco Bell restaurant is next level.

This Taco Bell doesn't have a lobby, but let's face it; the weather in Arizona is so nice 300 days of the year. You can either sit outside and enjoy your meal or take it home to eat.

You'll leave delighted if you stop by Taco Bell on Highway 92.
You'll leave delighted if you stop by Taco Bell on Highway 92. // Taco Bell Photo by Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Compared to McDonald's which often has a line around the building, plus parked orders, there are usually no more than three cars in Taco Bell's drive-thru. Don't let that fool you. They're so efficient, I think they've figured out a way to prepare your order before you even know what you want.

That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I've always gotten my food fresh and hot, and accurate. There was one single time I didn't get something I wanted in my order. It turned out to be my fault. I completely forgot to order it! When I went back, they had my added item in a matter of moments.

1. Culver's on Highway 92

And the Winner is? Culvers!

Picture this: You drive to Culver's only to find a crazy long drive-thru line that wraps around the parking lot. Fear not, my friend, all is well.

Culver's in Sierra Vista has the best customer service.
Culver's in Sierra Vista wins for best service. // via Google Maps Street View

There's something about the culture at Culver's that just makes everything work better. The staff are friendly, and they really seem to mean it when you say thank you, and they reply,

My Pleasure!

You don't have to panic if they ask you to park while you wait for your order. You're still going to get your meal in a timely fashion. Your food will be hot, correct and you'll even get all the condiments you ask for.

I don't know what magic they use, but if they could give some tips to some of the other fast-food chains in our area, we'd sure appreciate it.

Until then, save yourself some stress and just go to Culver's!

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