• Wendy's has a Secret Menu.
  • You won't find these items on the menu. We have tips on how to order.

Looking for Extra Options in Arizona

If you live in one of Arizona's smaller towns, you've probably noticed that fast-food options are somewhat slimmer than in the Tucson or Phoenix areas.

how to unlock Wendy's secret menu
How to unlock the secret menu at Wendy's Restaurant // Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Towns like Benson, Sierra Vista, Show Low, Casa Grande, Surprise, and Lake Havasu don't have the endless fast food choices of the larger metropolitan areas, but they each have a Wendy's restaurant.

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how to unlock Wendy's secret menu
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Wendy’s is known for its fresh and juicy burgers. You may love the Dave's Double or the Baconator, but wouldn't it be nice to mix it up now and then with some outside-the-bun thinking?

Unlocking Wendy's Secret Burger Menu

That's where Wendy's Hidden Menu comes in. We've got a list of delicious burgers you can order at Wendy's, but you won't find these secret gems listed on the menu board.

how to unlock Wendy's secret menu
Do you know about Wendy's Secret Menu Items? // Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

They're not advertised publicly; only the most loyal and adventurous customers know about these secret items. Here's how fans get their customized burgers:

  • The Barnyard Burger: This is a meat lover’s dream. Imagine this: a layer of bacon, a layer of cheese, a layer of beef, another layer of cheese, a layer of spicy chicken fillet, yet another layer of cheese, and a layer of ham, all stacked between two buns. This is a lot of food, so if you plan to order this one, you might want to share it with a friend.
    • To order this, try asking for “The Barnyard”. If the staff isn't sure, you may want to order this burger by asking that the ingredients be added individually to your burger.
  • The Grand Slam or The Meat Cube: Here's one for the hardcore burger fans. Are four patties too much beef for a burger? If your answer is "no", you'll love this item. The Meat Cube is four thick, all-beef patties in one tall burger, with cheese and lettuce as optional toppings.
    • To order this item, ask for the Grand Slam or a Meat Cube, or tell them you want four beef patties in one burger.
  • The Quadruple Baconator: If you're a fan of the Triple Baconator but have always wanted to take it a step further, this will take it to the next level. The quadruple Baconator is exactly what it sounds like. Imagine four beef patties, eight slices of bacon, four slices of cheese, and mayo, all in one massive burger. It’s a bacon lover’s paradise, but you'll probably consume enough calories for an entire week.
    • Ask for the Triple Baconator with an extra patty, or just request the Quadruple Baconator and hope for the best.
  • The Fossil: You just unlocked Wendy's most guarded secret. This is the ultimate hidden menu item, and it's reserved for the most daring, hungriest customers. The Fossil is a burger with a whopping ten beef patties. It doesn't stop there. It also has cheese and bacon as optional extras. This sandwich is huge. It barely fits in the bun, and it's incredibly heavy. Few have eaten this legendary burger.
    • If you're making this your lunch option, you might want to wait until you break a long fast or not plan to eat for a while. If you opt for this one, order The Fossil or ask for a 10-patty burger and hope the staff doesn't laugh.

These secret items can take a heavy toll on your diet and wallet. They're worth a try if you're looking for something different and feeling adventurous. Don't forget to bring your appetite!

how to unlock Wendy's secret menu
Some of the choices can lead to ridiculously large burgers. Bring your appetite and your wallet. // Canva

If you try any of these secret items, let us know how it went. Drop us a comment and let us know how easy it was to order and how they turned out.

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