Cochise County Search and Rescue is a mandate for Sheriff's Offices in Arizona. Search and Rescue is a part of The Cochise County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Dannels said, “These 50 to 60 volunteers do an amazing job and they put themselves in harm's way for people that need to be rescued, sadly recovered or searched to find them with their lost.” There were 90 to 100 training and operations last year. Volunteers that go out there at 2:00 in the morning 2:00 in the afternoon, year-round. 

These professionals train all year in all kinds of weather, different terrains and situations. They log hours and hours of practice. In Cochise County there are high mountains and flat desert. There are countless ditches and ravines, rocky terrain and the San Pedro River. High summer heat, cold winter nights, sunshine and snow. The Cochise County Search and Rescue train and work in all of these conditions.

Cochise County Search and Rescue could be called out to find someone who is lost, or someone who is hurt. Once they get to a person, they can provide medical aid and start the process to get the individual to safety. They are also called out to recover someone who has passed away in a remote area. They use helicopters, ground searches by vehicle or hiking, and often use dogs to help search.

Cochise County Search and Rescue is also used during a natural disaster like a wild fire. These volunteers are called out in any kind of weather at any time of day. Thank you to the Cochise County Search and Rescue team for keeping our community safe.

Check out some of their training and calls below:



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