• This popular retailer is considering shuttering stores
  • Why discount stores are struggling
  • How many stores in Arizona could be affected

It seems like our economy just can't catch a break. Retailers, from high-end chains to discount brands to popular restaurants, are suffering in this ailing economy.

As more of our spending habits shift to online sources, is this another sign that brick-and-mortar stores are becoming a thing of the past?

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Online shopping may be killing discount retailers
Even discount retailers are taking a hit in the current economy. // Canva

The Latest Arizona Retailer with Problems

Another major retailer - this time a name synonymous with bargains, announced plans to close thirty-five to forty locations this year. The closures fall out from their ongoing financial struggles.

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Big Lots faced a drop in sales and a net loss of $132.3 million during the first quarter of this year, according to CSIMarket.com. Experts say the losses are fallout from the current economic environment which is affecting consumer spending.

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Online shopping may be killing discount retailers
How many retailers will be affected when the dust settles. // Canva

How Many Stores Could Close in Arizona?

According to their website, Big Lots operates 34 locations in Arizona. The company hasn't officially announced how many stores could be affected by the closures. It's likely some stores will be shuttered in order to streamline operations.

Online shopping may be killing discount retailers
Experts believe the boom in e-commerce may be responsible for the change in consumer spending habits. // Canva

As the economy struggles, discount retailers usually see a bump in sales. However, many discount retailers, including Family Dollar Stores, have been struggling as more money is being moved to online retailers and e-commerce.

Online shopping may be killing discount retailers

The closures raise concerns about the impact on employees and our local Arizona communities. This is a developing story and time will tell how Arizona's locations will be affected.

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