We decided to have a little fun, so we asked this question on social media:

"If you don't _____________, you are the problem with America."

problem with America
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We left the answer open and invited our Facebook audience to share their thoughts with us. As always, our social media followers did not disappoint, taking their answers to our social experiment in a multitude of directions.

Answering the Question: WHAT is the Problem?

Most who responded had fun with their answers.

Connie suggested: "Stay on your side of the grocery aisle! Same rules as traffic."

We've all noticed that problem with shoppers. Sometimes they're so lost in thought, they forget others are trying to make their way around the store, too. This is great advice!

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Michele said, "Follow the Golden Rule."

Exactly. Treat others as you'd like to be treated.

I scratch my head some days. Maybe some folks don't want to be treated nicely. I like to think that's not true. Most people are good.

problem with America
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In that same mindset, Dawn said, "Help others."

I think that one action would go a long way to making us all good humans.

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problem with America
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Georgina had some good advice with a list of things.

"Tip your bartender/waitress/waiter."
"Put on deodorant."
"Pretend to drink whatever is in the teacup the kiddo gave you."
"Shimmy with glee when you take the first bite of your tacos."
problem with America
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We especially like this one. Be a good human: help kids foster their imagination!
She also added this one:
problem with America
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Our restaurant workers work hard. The best way we can show them our gratitude is by offering a tip. A GOOD tip!

Evelyn suggested we "vote", Mark said we should "have empathy for all human beings", and Arleen reminded us to "act with kindness."

Not Everyone Liked Our Question

This question was meant to be fun and most who responded elevated the conversation with great answers.

But we're talking about social media here. One person took exception to one of our examples:

"Kind of a "coarse" statement," the man said. "You are the problem with America", because you don't return a shopping cart. He didn't think we'd considered all angles with this example.

We responded kindly, but he constructed a straw man argument to tear down our rhetorical question. Other Facebook followers in the discussion defended the question, explaining that we were just having fun.

Relying on tropes, he launched an ad hominem attack on another of our followers.

When he did that, he inadvertently made our point for us:

"If you don't treat people with kindness on social media, you just might be the problem with America."

Oh, well, you can't please everyone! What do you think? Send us a chat message with your answer!

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