Hey Arizona, Put Your Paper Towels in the Freezer!

No, I haven't lost my mind. There's a practical reason to put your paper towels in the freezer and in the refrigerator, especially in Arizona. I'm not talking about storing extra rolls of Brawny next to your ice cube trays. I've got some quick life hacks to help you cool down and possibly even save you a little money.

Why you should use paper towels in the freezer in Arizona
Paper towels can be used for way more than just cleaning up messes and spills. // Canva

Why You Should Put Paper Towels in Your Freezer in Arizona

We're known for hot weather across the Grand Canyon State.

What I'm not personally known for is thinking ahead, which is why this is such a great life hack.

Picture this: you and your family are returning home after taking your dogs for a walk. The temperature is beginning to climb, and your family has returned home thirsty.

The dogs are lapping at their water dish, but the water from the tap is a balmy 82 degrees and even though you're parched, it's not very appealing. Here's a way to get your drinks chilled fast.

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Paper Towel Hack #1: Chill Your Drinks Fast in the Freezer

To Quickly Chill Your Drinks, lifehack.org suggests wrapping a wet paper towel around a beverage bottle and placing it in the freezer. In about 15 minutes, you’ll have a cold drink!

Why you should use paper towels in the freezer in Arizona
Wrap your bottles in a wet paper towel and put it in the freezer for 15 minutes. // Canva

Just be careful about putting beverages that are under pressure in the freezer. Sodas can burst in the freezer as the liquid expands inside the can or bottle. Trust me, this is a mess to clean up.

(I mean, someone told me it could be messy, not that I'd know firsthand or anything. (Whistles innocently...))

How to Keep Produce Fresh Longer

When I say I'm not known for thinking ahead, this goes for meal planning, too. It may sound counterintuitive, but I like to buy a lot of ingredients for meals and then throw them together on the fly.

This goes for fruits and vegetables. I'll buy a variety of veggies, and then when the urge strikes, I'm salad-ready!

Why you should use paper towels in the freezer in Arizona
You can use paper towels to keep produce fresh longer. // Canva

The downside is that if I get stuck at work or if my plans change, I don't always get a chance to use my produce before it goes bad. Here's how I make it last a little longer.

Paper Towel Hack #2: Keep Fruit and Vegetables Fresh

To keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer, I like to use paper towels in the refrigerator.

It's not as strange as it sounds. According to MentalFloss.com, begin by lining your refrigerator's crisper drawer with a layer of paper towels. The paper towels will absorb the extra moisture fruits and veggies release, which is why they spoil so fast.

Why you should use paper towels in the freezer in Arizona
Just remember to change the paper towels out when they get too damp. Otherwise you'll still be throwing your produce away. // Canva

The paper towels will help maintain the humidity level in the drawer, preventing wilting and rotting. Wrap leafy greens or herbs in a paper towel before storing.

Here's a bonus hack: Try to remember to replace those paper towels at least once when they become damp. That way, you'll have a little more time before you have to throw out all the veggies you forgot about so you can put the new ones in their place.

(I might be doing this wrong.)

If you're better about this than I am, you could potentially save money and reduce food waste. Let me know how that works out.

Why you should use paper towels in the freezer in Arizona
Oops. I might be doing this wrong. // Canva

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