Remember the old Peanuts cartoons? Snoopy used to write to his brother, Spike who lived out in the desert somewhere. He was always shown lying under a saguaro cactus, which was how Charles Schulz always depicted him, to say in one frame, "DESERT".


Living in Arizona is much more than the hot, dry sparse landscape. If you're planning to move to the 'Zone, don your wide-brimmed hat and check this out.

Moving to Arizona - More Than Cactus and Heat

If you've been thinking about moving to the Grand Canyon state, here are some things you'll need to know before you pack up that U-Haul and prepare to put down roots.

1. But It's a Dry Heat

We're not kidding when we talk about the dry heat in Arizona. It's the first thing most people who've transplanted from other states mention. And never stop mentioning.

"You can't drink enough water!"

"How much moisturizer does one person need!"

"My skin is so dry!"

Comments like these are normal from newcomers. Before the summer rains hit, the air almost seems to pull moisture out of your skin. And don't get me started on how dry your feet will get.

2. Speaking of Heat, How Hot Does It Get?

A lot of people are surprised to learn that Arizona has a wide variety of climates. Much of the state is arid desert, but not all of it. Last year, Flagstaff had more snow than anywhere in the nation.

That said, Phoenix recently experienced a stretch of 18 straight days of 100-degree-plus temperatures, with temps hovering between 112 and 114 degrees regularly. The socials were rife with people frying eggs on the sidewalk or attempting to bake in their cars.

3. Arizona has Delicious Cuisine - And We're Proud of It!

You can't have the wonder and splendor of Arizona without sampling the superb cuisine of the Sonoran Desert. Locals have been known to choose a particular restaurant based on the way a restaurant serves its salsa or guacamole.

We love our Sonoran cuisine and will defend it as some of the best food in the world. After all, Chimichangas were invented in Tucson. Legend has it, Monica Flin who owned the El Charro Cafe invented the chimichanga in the late 1940s or early '50s.

As the story goes, she accidentally dropped a burrito into a fryer and uttered a Spanish epithet. When she pulled the crispy, deliciousness out of the fryer, she realized she had something pretty delicious on her hands.

You can still visit the El Charro Cafe. After you taste the chimichanga, you'll thank her for her serendipitous discovery!

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