When outsiders think of a desert, they usually imagine a vast, empty landscape that is barren and windblown. The few creatures hardy enough to exist in the desert must be a rare find.

Anyone who lives in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona knows this couldn't be further from the truth. While it's still a vast expanse of arid land stretching across Arizona and into Mexico, our desert is home to diverse wildlife.

Arizona's Diverse Desert Ecosystem

Arizona is home to an array of raptors. These beautiful birds play a crucial role in our desert ecosystem by controlling rodent populations and adding to Arizona's biodiversity.

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Learning about these beautiful creatures - some who soar across the skies during the light of day and others who hunt during the cloak of night - is a great way to discover part of the landscape of animals in our part of the world.

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Arizona Red Tail Hawks: A Family Close to Home

Seeing these beautiful birds in action is a treat. Our radio station is host to a family of red-tail hawks who live in our broadcast tower.

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The family of hawks have been in the area for several generations. Our longtime business manager can remember the birds calling the towers home for at least 25 years and estimates they've been here even longer than that.

Here are the top five raptors that rule the skies of this desert landscape.

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The Top 5 Raptors You'll See in Arizona's Sonoran Desert

See a graceful bird in the Arizona sky? Wonder what it could be? Here are the top 5 raptors you'll spot in the skies over our desert.

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Arizona: The Hummingbird Capital of the World

If you love hummingbirds, there's no better place to see them than in this little town in Arizona! Sierra Vista has more than anywhere in the world, which is why it claims the title of "Hummingbird Capital of the World"!

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Venomous Animals in Arizona You Definitely Want to Steer Clear

These are venomous creatures in Arizona that can inflect excruciating pain, blister, and possibly death.

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