• The name Karen is getting a bad rap
  • A new study found that the people leaving the most ONE STAR REVIEWS online are not named Karen
  • The name of the biggest complainer revealed

Why We Need to Stop Blaming "Bad Karens" on People Named Karen

We've all seen them; videos of a spluttering, irate person, usually a middle-aged female, loudly telling someone else how they should live their life. It typically begins with the person being filmed spewing righteous indignation - mid-meltdown - toward the person filming for all the world to see.

Is this a typical Karen
She called the police for the dumbest reason ever. // via YouTube User Public Freakout Videos

Long dubbed Karens by social media, Wikipedia explains that "Karen is a pejorative term that typically refers to a middle-class white woman who acts entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal."

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We Probably Shouldn't Be Blaming People Named Karen at All

While the meme of the angry white woman screeching on internet videos is the one we most often see on TikTok and other social media sites, the people who take to websites like Trustpilot and Tripadvisor are very different from the popular myth.

Is this a typical Karen
Is a group of "Karens" an HOA? // via YouTube User Public Freakout Videos

Trustpilot is a website where people who have a verified purchase from a company can go to leave a review. The website looked at the biggest online complainers and found that the people who left the most negative feedback are not only NOT named Karen, they're not even female.

Is this a typical Karen
Is this an angry John? David? // via YouTube User Public Freakout Videos

Who's Leaving the Worst Reviews in Arizona?

It turns out that if you have a bad service in Arizona and you're mad enough to grab some internet attention over it, your name is probably John. Or David. Or Michael. Not only is your name unlikely to be Karen, but most of the irascible respondents are males.

Is this a typical Karen
I can't even begin to guess what this guys issue was. // via YouTube User Public Freakout Videos

Of the top 15 most disgruntled one-star reviewers, only two were female names, and neither made the top 10. According to Trustpilot, here are the top complainers:

  1. John
  2. David
  3. Michael
  4. Chris
  5. James
  6. Mike
  7. Mark
  8. Robert
  9. Alex
  10. Paul
  11. Lisa
  12. Sarah
  13. Steve
  14. Sam
  15. Daniel

Arizona's Top Complainer Named

Arizona's top one-star reviewer is John, closely followed by David. While we can't support this with video footage, since most of the unhinged screamers don't disclose their names, we can track the digital trends on websites where the user's first name is in the clear.

Is this a typical Karen
What is even happening here? // via YouTube User Public Freakout Videos

Check out this YouTube video compilation from user Public Freakout Videos of Karens  Johns from around the web. This is quite the cross-section of angry, entitled people.

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