In the early 20th century, TC Schnebly and his wife Sedona fell in love with an enchanted area in Arizona's vermilion landscape. They established a post office in the young town and named it "Sedona," after Mrs. Schnebly. Somehow Schneblyville wouldn't have the same enchanting ring.

What are the Sedona Vortexes?
We're all grateful that the Schenblys decided to call this beautiful area "Sedona" after Mrs. Schnebly. // Created with Canva

Over the years, the beautiful area has become a beacon for spiritual and metaphysically-minded folks worldwide. There's just something about those beautiful red rocks; for those who can feel it, the pull of the vortexes is strong—and some claim to find a transforming experience in them.

There's a lot of talk about the vortexes in Sedona, but exactly what are they?

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Sedona’s Spiraling Enigma: The Vortex Phenomena Explained

Vortexes, or the more grammatically correct vortices, are believed to be swirling energy epicenters. A Sedona vortex is an invisible labyrinth of power. These power labyrinths are scattered across the area.

What are the Sedona Vortexes?
Sedona is considered a vortex, but many smaller vortexes are scattered around the area. // Canva

Some say a vortex is the subtle breath of the earth as it exhales energy. The energy, believers claim, resonates with healing, energizes mediation, and ramps up self-discovery. Many visitors report a sense of rejuvenation after spending time in a vortex and feel spiritually uplifted.

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According to, all of Sedona is considered to be a vortex. At certain points, the vortex energy is intensified.

What are the Sedona Vortexes?
A labyrinth and a vortex can create a powerful energy spiral. // Canva

Sedona's Four Main Vortexes

Four spots in Sedona are best known for their vortexes: Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon. Each has a unique energy.

Each vortex is believed to produce an energy flow, some flowing upward and others spiraling down and entering the earth.

What are the Sedona Vortexes?
The Sedona landscape is breathtaking. // Canva

The main vortexes are usually very well-traveled, and you may find a lot of visitors there. Some believe finding one of the smaller vortices is better for a quieter, more meditative experience.

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What are the Sedona Vortexes?
Create your own Shamanic journey in Sedona or find someone who is offering services and become part of a larger community. // Canva

This Google map of the vortexes is a great way to experience roads less traveled and enjoy the vortexes at your own pace.

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