If you're thinking about moving to Arizona, turn around now. Trust me. I'm going to save you a whole lotta trouble with packing, house hunting, and finding a new job.

I've lived here for over thirty years, and of all the places I've lived, this is my favorite the place I hate the most. I mean, why would anyone want to put up with the amazing, terrible lifestyle we have here? It just doesn't make sense. Here are my reasons you'll love hate it here.

Turn back now while you still can. Take my word for it, or you will love it like I do rue the day you landed on 'Zona soil.

8 Reasons You'll Hate Living in Arizona

#1: We Get Soooo Much Sunshine!

Hate Living in Arizona
There's SO MUCH sunshine. // Canva

We get over 300 days of sunshine in the Grand Canyon State. Who wants to live in those conditions?

If you're used to the gloomy weather in other states where it rains or snows all the time, why in the world would you want to come to Arizona, where it's sunny and warm most of the year? It just doesn't make sense.

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#2: People in Arizona are WAY Too Friendly

Hate Living in Arizona
People are way too friendly and inviting. // Canva

We make eye contact with each other, shake hands, and go out of our way for our neighbors. Who could live with that?

#3: You Might Meet Your Best Friend Here

Hate Living in Arizona
You might meet your best friend here. // Canva

Speaking of being friendly, you might end up meeting your best friend here. Then there could be weddings and road trips and weekend barbecues. Ew. Just no.

#4: The Scenery is Breathtaking

Hate Living in Arizona
The mountains are breathtaking. // Canva

Mountains and gorgeous sunsets every single day? Who wants to look out at the landscape and be awed by the wonder of nature? Not me. Trust me...turn back now.

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#5: Too Many Beautiful Natural Wonders

Hate Living in Arizona
We have too many natural wonders. // Canva

Speaking of scenery, our natural wonders are just too much to handle.

I mean, the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Sedona all in one state? Who could possibly be happy with that much beauty within their borders? I'm sure you agree this is too much to handle.

#6: Way Too Many Outdoor Activities

Hate Living in Arizona
There's so much to do outdoors. // Canva

If you like being outdoors, don't come here.

We have so many hiking trails, an abundance of places to take your ATV, and too many beautiful outdoor attractions like the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, where you can be outside AND learn about our unique environment. Why would anyone want that?

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#7: So Many Interesting Plants

Hate Living in Arizona
There are so many interesting plants. // Canva

Speaking of outdoors, don't go looking at our strange and unusual plants. Anyone can plant tomatoes or bell peppers, but do you know what it takes to propagate a cactus or a succulent? That sounds hard to me.

How do you keep something like that alive? The harsh landscape isn't for every plant, but the strange and unusual flora we have in Arizona thrives, and it's definitely a conversation piece easily forgotten.

#8: The Animals Are Way Too Interesting and Unique

Hate Living in Arizona
There are WAY too many interesting animals. // Canva

If you think the plants are strange, check out some of our animals. I mean. Don't.

They're all weird and creepy and adorable.

Ya see?! I'm absolutely certain you'll hate everything about living in Arizona. Tell your friends. It's amazing here!!!

Wait. What?

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