Arizona is Not for the Faint of Heart

Living in Arizona is not for the faint of heart. For some of us, the most frightening thing about living in Arizona's Sonoran Desert might be the possibility of our air conditioner giving out in the middle of June's sweltering heat. That's definitely a scary thought, but there are other things that make us nervous.

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For example, some people just can't take our bugs and other critters. The unceasing march of creepy crawlies that seem to find their way into our homes, especially in the summer, is just freaky. Arizona's creatures, it seems, can tease out real fear in just about everyone.

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Arizona: Unsettling Creatures Everywhere

In Arizona, there are some other unsettling things here. From the creepy array of native creatures to some of the unusual sights and sounds of our land, if you've got a weak constitution, you might want to consider living in a more genteel climate.

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Arachnids, storms, predators, and the undead, there's something to fuel your nightmare in every corner of our state.

Natural Fears Living in Arizona

Do bad drivers on the road freak you out? What about the uninvited scorpions in your bed? If you're not prepared for life out in the desert, you might want to consider finding a town that's a gentler fit.

Here is our list of the scariest things that keep Arizonans up at night.

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