The warmer weather has me spring cleaning lately. As I tidy and organize those pockets of accumulated stuff in my house and office, I've got a ton of things I no longer need.

Sierra Vista Salvation Army Yard Sale
Cleaning out closets? Got stuff you no longer use! Drop it off for the sale. // Canva

I hate to throw stuff away, especially when it still has life left in it. The thought of tossing something into a landfill for the rest of eternity gives me pause. That's why this event is a game-changer.

No More Store for the Salvation Army in Sierra Vista

The Sierra Vista Salvation Army is always on a mission to help our community. When the Salvation Army Store that was located on Wilcox Drive closed in Sierra Vista back in 2019, they could no longer accept and sell donations throughout the year.

Sierra Vista Salvation Army Yard Sale
What can you donate to the sale? // Canva

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The Sierra Vista Herald reported that closing the store was part of a larger reorganization plan for the Salvation Army. They shuttered the building to streamline operations across Arizona and “to be good stewards of resources.”

The Salvation Army: Desperate Need for Donations

The Sierra Vista Salvation Army now holds an annual yard sale, and right now, they desperately need donations for the sale.

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Sierra Vista Salvation Army Yard Sale
Drop off your donations for the sale. // Canva

Clean out those closets, round up the stuff you no longer have a use for and drop it off at the Sierra Vista Corps Community Center at 180 E. Wilcox Drove in Sierra Vista. If you've got questions, call the center at (520) 459-8411.

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The sale is asking for donations of baby goods like cribs and bouncers, kitchen appliances, tools, clothes and shoes, winter coats, and basically anything that can be sold to help raise money for the Salvation Army.

Don't Miss The Annual Salvation Army Yard Sale

Mark your calendar for the Salvation Army Annual Yard Sale! Hotdogs and popcorn will be sold to benefit the Men's and Women's ministry groups.

Sierra Vista Salvation Army Yard Sale
The Salvation Army can sell used clothes and other goods. // Canva

When you attend, they ask you NOT to show up early. "No early birds!" they told us. This will be strictly enforced to allow them to set up for the sale completely before allowing the public in.

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Sierra Vista Salvation Army Yard Sale
The ministries will have hotdogs and popcorn for sale at the event. // Canva

They will accept cash, checks, and credit cards for payment.

The sale will be held at the Sierra Vista Corps at 180 E Wilcox Drive in Sierra Vista on Friday and Saturday, April 26th and 27th, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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