• Motorcycle riders should know the law in Arizona to stay safe and legal.
  • Lane Filtering is legal in Arizona, but there are special rules

There's nothing like the wonderful weather and breathtaking scenery in Arizona. One of the best ways to enjoy our state is on the back of a motorcycle.

Lane filtering on a motorcycle in Arizona

Sierra Vista Police Department Public Information Officer (PIO), Corporal Scott Borgstadt and local motorcycle safety expert Steve Paladini have some advice on staying safe when navigating traffic on the back of your bike.

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What is Lane Filtering on a Motorcycle?

In Cochise County, Steve Paladini helps train motorcycle riders on the best ways to stay safe.

Lane filtering on a motorcycle in Arizona
Arizona Lane Filtering Law // Image courtesy Sierra Vista Police, Fire, and EMS via Facebook.

Safe motorcycling requires riders to make good decisions and reduce risk based on their existing skill set. Steve says, "I say very simply, you need to learn from others' mistakes, or you're not gonna live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself."

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While you're riding your motorcycle, you should wear protective gear, including a helmet. Staying safe is extremely important.

According to Arizona Revised Statute ARS 28-729, while you're riding a motorcycle in the state of Arizona, lane filtering is permitted.

Lane filtering on a motorcycle in Arizona

Arizona is the fourth U.S. state to legally allow this practice where motorcycles share lanes with cars and trucks to reduce traffic congestion.

Steve explained that motorcycle riders are allowed to move through lanes to pass between two vehicles traveling in the same direction. This is known as lane splitting and the are limitations on how and where this practice is allowed.

Lane filtering on a motorcycle in Arizona

The Rules on Motorcycle Lane Splitting in Arizona

There are some limitations to this rule:

  • Lane splitting is only permitted if traffic is stopped.
  • The speed limit on the road is 45mph or less.
  • The road must have two or more adjacent traffic lanes moving in the same direction.
  • The speed of the motorcycle cannot be more than 15mph when filtering.
  • The movement must be made safely.

Paladini says, "Ultimately, it's up to the individual rider to decide if lane filtering poses an acceptable amount of risk."

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