Arizona is a state where we have a vast respect for freedom and individual rights. The government is well known for stepping back and allowing its citizens to make their own decisions about what is right for their lives.

For example, Arizona's gun laws are much more lenient than in many parts of the world. Arizona doesn't require gun owners to have a concealed carry permit to conceal carry a weapon.

Arizona Has Some Strange Laws

Despite having a more "hands-off" approach in Arizona, we still have some strange and unusual laws.

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We did a deep dive into some of the things that are illegal in Arizona's. Many of them make sense, like the so-called Stupid Motorist Law. If you drive into an area that's flooded and then drive around a barricade, you're responsible for covering the cost of any emergency response needed to pull your backside out of the rising waters.

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That one makes sense. Why should the taxpayers foot the bill for your bad choice?

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Other laws don't make sense. Like, why is it illegal to let your donkey sleep in a bathtub? Why is it illegal to marry your first cousin? (Okay, that one makes sense), but why is it illegal to, ahem, dispatch pigeons in Arizona? And are you legally allowed to dig up and remove a cactus in Arizona?

Keep reading. Which laws do you think are strange? And which ones do you agree with?

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