You’re the City Planner! We need more for TEENS to do in Sierra Vista. What’s Your Plan? Here are your answers from our Facebook page!

I’ve been in Cochise County since the early 90s, and it seems like this has been the ongoing question: What is there for teens to do in Sierra Vista? Or, for that matter, what is there for kids in Bisbee, Huachuca City or Hereford?

I posed this question on our Facebook page, and you came up with some wonderful answers about the businesses and activities you would bring to Sierra Vista. While some of these ideas could be governed by the city, many mentioned that it would be better to let a private company run one of these new businesses here. Many of your answers included the need to keep the price affordable – but also at a point where the business could make money and cover costs.

We were dreaming big! Here are some of your answers:

Liam suggested a go-cart track and considered that it should probably be located outside of town, away from residents who might complain about the noise. As an alternative, he thought an indoor track might be a solution, but also expensive. Liam suggested the old dirt bike track on Charleston Road could be a good place to build something like this.

Frankie liked the idea of go-carts, but added a water park, putt-putt golf, and an indoor, classic arcade would be a great venue for teens, something like Golf-n-Stuff in Tucson. Considering many parents and teens trek to Tucson and Phoenix for this type of entertainment, this seems like a good option.

As the former manager of the Sierra Vista Teen Center, Wesley Hewitt chimed in. He believes private funding is a better way to get these ideas off the ground. He says he saw attendance at the city-run teen center dwindle over time. Wesley believes, “It will take many groups working together to make our “Dream Big” wishes come true.”

There were many more idea, with most of the solutions targeting the old Sears building in the Mall at Sierra Vista as a possible venue. If you’re looking for some ideas to start one of these businesses here in Cochise County, check out the answers on our Facebook page – and add your own thoughts to the conversation!

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