• Several factors are causing the price of gasoline to spike
  • How much will gas cost in Arizona?
  • Will the cost of gas influence summer travel?

Taking a Summer Road Trip in Arizona

There's nothing quite like summertime to hop in our cars and show our kids the wonders of our great nation.

Did you know? A surprising number of Arizonans have never been to the Grand Canyon or the Painted Desert.

Gas prices in California could influence prices in Arizona
Soaring gas prices could have many rethinking that summer road trip. this year. // Canva

You could take a road trip through Arizona, soak in the vast wonder of our state, and see something different every day. If you're planning to jump in the car this summer, get ready to pay more for the journey.

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Gas prices in California could influence prices in Arizona
A surprising number of Arizona natives have never been to the Grand Canyon. // Canva

The Factors: Why Arizona Will See the Summer Gas Price Spike

Brace yourself: gas prices are about to rise again. As the weather heats up, the cost of gasoline is heating up, too, bringing the pain at the pump right into our wallets.

As I write this, the average price for a gallon of gas in California is already more than $5 a gallon. Pretty soon, the rest of the nation will see the cost of fuel spike. According to The Street, here are some of the factors influencing the jump:

  1. Tensions in the Middle East. Iran and others are threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.
  2. OPEC is pushing for higher prices, cutting output to push for higher prices.
  3. The war in Ukraine. Russian oil refineries have taken a hit.
  4. Summer demand is increasing as the travel season takes off.
  5. California’s strict emissions standards require a special summer gasoline blend.
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Gas prices in California could influence prices in Arizona
Russian agression against Ukraine is causing the cost of gas to go up. // Canva

Why the California Summer Blend Causes Gas Prices to Rise in Arizona

The first four reasons make sense and explain why we're already paying more for gasoline. So why does the last factor influence the cost for Arizona?

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California’s summer-blend gasoline tends to raise gas prices for several reasons. California's regulatory requirements mandate a more environmentally friendly blend be produced during the higher summer travel season.

This summer blend costs more, and production and distribution are more expensive than the standard winter blend.

Gas prices in California could influence prices in Arizona
Oil refineries beging making the summer blend of gasoline before April 1st. // Canva

Second, oil refineries switch from producing winter-blend fuel to making the summer-blend fuel before the April 1 deadline. This transition affects fuel supply and increases prices in other states, including Arizona.

These factors could combine to raise Arizona's gas prices to $5-per-gallon this summer. If Arizonans are pay that much, I can't imagine what gas at California filling stations will cost.

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