The words "Arizona" and "drought" are almost synonyms these days. Arizona has a reputation for arid conditions, and we try hard to save resources across the state.

Water Conservation Kits Arizona

Savvy residents know water is a special commodity here and work together to save water whenever possible. Arizona Water Company is helping customers out by providing free water conservation kits to single-family residential clients.

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Arizona Water Company Providing Free Water Conservation Kits

You can request your free Water Conservation Kit through their website if you're a single-family residential customer. There's a catch; customers have to live in the following service areas in order to be eligible:

  • Apache Junction
  • Gold Canyon, Superior
  • Miami
  • Globe
  • San Manuel
  • Winkelman
  • SaddleBrooke Ranch
  • Oracle
  • Bisbee
  • Sierra Vista
  • Unincorporated areas near any of the listed communities
Water Conservation Kits Arizona

If you're interested in getting a kit but don't live in one of the service areas, drop an email to A conservation staff member will contact you soon.

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What's in the Arizona Water Company Water Conservation Kit

According to the Arizona Water Company website, the Water Conservation Kit includes:

  • EPA WaterSense® labeled low-flow showerhead
  • EPA WaterSense® bathroom faucet aerator
  • Toilet flapper
  • Toilet leak detection tablets
  • Toilet tank bank
  • Plumber’s tape
  • Five drip emitters
  • Ten goof plugs
  • One drip punch tool

You can find more information on the contents of this kit here.

Water Conservation Kits Arizona

The Arizona Water Company's Pilot Program is limiting each eligible customer to one kit per household, and only while supplies last.

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On their website, they state that they're working toward furthering Arizona's "strong culture of water conservation by heightening our customer’s ability to be Waterwise through the kit contents."

Over time, they expect to expand to all Arizona Water Company service areas and customers.

Water Conservation Kits Arizona

If You're Interested in Obtaining a Water Conservation Kit?

Even a small effort counts when it comes to water conservation in Arizona! Click here for the Water Conservation Kit Application Form.

Arizona Water Company | University of Arizona Cooperative Extension ]

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