• 82 Trucks stops across America made the "Do Not Stop" list for high-value cargo
  • 4 Arizona truck stops made the list

Travel Season is Coming, Arizona. Are You Ready?

With the heavy travel season approaching, we'll be loading up our cars and hitting the Arizona roadways. When I think of the term "highway robbery," I just assume we're talking about the offensively high price of gas or the money we dump on snacks at every pit stop.

Truck stops in Arizona on the Do Not Stop List

I've only spent a short time on the road, usually reaching my destination within a few hours, or days, tops. I'm rethinking my upcoming road trips, though, because today I learned highway robbers still exist. And, no, not in the poetic sense.

Truck drivers know all about these road pirates. With daily travel as part of their livelihood, they have a personal stake in getting cargo to its intended location safely and efficiently.

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Truck stops in Arizona on the Do Not Stop List

What is the High Value Load: Do Not Stop List?

Professional drivers plan their routes carefully. Allowing for weather, road closures, and other conditions is part of the process.

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Truck stops in Arizona on the Do Not Stop List

I was astonished to learn that they also check a list created for long-haul truckers. It's called the High Value Load Do Not Stop List. Reddit user Vertigo_uk123 posted a photo of the list in the r/mildlyinteresting subreddit:

Truck do not stop list for USA. Highlighting where trucks and truckers are at risk.
byu/Vertigo_uk123 inmildlyinteresting

The High-Value Load (HVL) "Do Not Stop" list is an essential list complied for truckers who transport valuable cargo. The list advises drivers to avoid risky locations - mostly truck stops - deemed to be risky places to stop. Here's what it takes for a truck stop to make the list in Arizona:

    • High incidences of organized crime
    • High occurrence of cargo theft
Truck stops in Arizona on the Do Not Stop List

The Most Stolen "High-Value Goods" from Arizona Truck Stops

This is not just about petty theft. The list is strategically distributed to truckers to combat organized crime, targeting lucrative loads. Some of the "high-value items" include:

    • pharmaceuticals
    • electronics
    • new cars
    • alcohol and tobacco products
    • luxury goods
    • cosmetics
    • construction equipment
    • HazMat materials
    • perishable goods

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Truck stops in Arizona on the Do Not Stop List

The Arizona Truck Stops on the Do Not Stop List

An astonishing eighty-two truck stops across twenty states made the list. Here are the four Arizona stops to avoid, according to Boing Boing:

    • Pilot Travel Center #459, I-10, Exit 133, Avondale
    • Pilot Travel Center #593, I-10, Exit 268, Tucson
    • Flying J #611, I-10, Exit 167, Phoenix
    • Love's #659, I-10, Exit 135, Tolleson

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